Hot tips to Get your Home ready for Winter

Hot tips to get your House ready for Winter


Some Hot Tips to get your home ready for Winter in WA

A popular request for pre-purchase inspections is to 'Check for Leaking Roof's', during Winter. As we get ready for the cooler temperatures and those wind and rainy weather fronts, the home needs to have the gutters cleaned out. (1) Attention needs to be made to fix drooping gutters and to check for leaks.

(2) You can keep costs at a minimum and prevent insurance claims by keeping your trees pruned that are next to the house or hanging over fence lines. Prune bushes and trees along your fence lines and keep them away from power lines. If they fall on the Power Lines they can cause fire and pose a major safety risk. Contact the local council or Western Power to seek advice or hire a professional tree removal specialist.

Remove any loose objects in your garden or make sure you secure garden furniture so it doesn't blow away in rough weather.

(3) Look out for cracked or out of place Tiles on the roof. These will cause leakage under your roof and you will need to get some help to replace and reposition tiles correctly. Check all valleys and flashings for blockages and rust.

(4) Home insulation can cut your heating costs during winter by 30%. Roof insulation prevents heat from going out through the roof. 


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