Simple idea to add value to your home


Improve your Home with a lick of Paint

Painting your interior or exterior of your home is a simple solution to revamp your living space and up the value of your home

Start Painting to add Value to your Home..

Picture yourself standing in an old house, paint is peeling off the window sills and walls. There are some stains and the paint is dull. It is time to paint. A home can be left tired and worn before it's time.

It's really refreshing walking into a home that has a fresh, new lick of paint on the walls. You don't have to wait until the paint is peeling. You can update the colour scheme now.

A new paint job provides a welcoming and comfortable presence to your home. The house looks younger. Painting your interior adds value. Painting your exterior guttering  and window treatments also add's value. 

You can DIY or you can hire a professional. Reality TV shows like 'The Block' or 'Better Homes and Gardens' have motivated many to have a go themselves. A lick of piant is actually the most effective way to modernise a property. With the addition of flooring as well.

Some research form Zillow's 2017 Paint Colour Analysis scanned over 32000 photo's from sold homes to see if colour made a difference in the sale price. They found that homes with blue bathrooms with hues of powder blue or light peri winkle sold for approx $5000.00 than expected. Cool natural tones like oatmeal or shaded greys also performed well for increasing the price of the home. The research showed that leaving the walls plain white had a negative impact and decreased values by around $4000.00 or less. 

Some tips if you decide to pursue this yourself;

  • Start from the top and work down. You don't work to redo your walls because you have had drips from painting above completed work.
  • Clean surfaces and get rid of loose and flaky paint.
  • Your first coat should be a primer. Some paints include this in them.
  • Avoid painting in full sunlight in the middle of the day as paint can dry too quickly leading to lap marks. Wind can cause dust to fly back into your new work spoiling the effect.
  • Get quality equipment. Brushes and rollers can last a long time if cared for correctly. Cheap tends to leave brissles behind in your paint.

If you can afford to get a professional to come in and renew your home with a lick of paint then Able Maintenance Group are your team.

Written by Rona


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