Save Water and have the Best Garden

Water saving tips for WA

Save Water, Time and Money in your backyard

6 Tips for Saving Water in WA


  •  One of the best ways to control our water is to make sure we are not over watering. Most of us water more than we need to and this ends up drowning our plants and wasting water. Watering for fewer days and the appropriate amount of water will save money and water and give you healthier plants.


  •  A running tap can use up to 10L of water a minute. You could capture a bucket of water in the shower while you wait for the water temperature to heat up.  You can install a Garden bore. You can water from your garden bore three times a week in the Perth/Peel region. 


  • If you have sprinklers, check the recommended water output times as this can change depending on the type of sprinkler you have. Then with a sensor added into your irrigation program you can make sure you are not over watering your garden.


  • You can install a rainwater tank. Rainwater tanks are great ways to save water. Store the water that runs off your roof on winter and then water the garden from it during the summer. A small tank (up to 2000L) can be plumbed into the toilet and washing machine, saving paying for 20000L of water per year.



  • Regularly check your sprinklers and taps for drips and splits. Get them fixed to reduce wasted water and over watering your plants.


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